Champagne Maurice Vesselle



Our Champagne House

After already three generations of wine-growers, Maurice VESELLE could add 1955 his Christian name. Our wineyards are sutuated on the South side of the Montagne de Reims and consists exclusively in Grand Cru, situated on the territory of Bouzy and Tours sur Marne. Our characteristic is that our wineyards have alwwals from the beginning been situated on a hill, which permits our terroir to come to its full expression and in the meantime allows to minimise the climatic variations.


Our Champagnes

Our white and rosé Champagne Wines are the result of Grand Cru wineyards which have been ploughed since generations, with a dominating is pinot noir and reflecting the terroirs of Bouzy and Tours sur Marne. Strong character and a lasting freshness are generating a full palette of flavours. The Champagne maurice VESELLE collection from &976 to 1998 are our best ambassadors.


Champagne Maurice Vesselle
3 rue Gambetta
51150 Bouzy
Mr. Vesselle Didier
Tél. +33 (0)3 26 57 00 81

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