Champagne Prié



Our Champagne House

Rich in savoir-faire since 1737, year when the first winemaker of the Prié's family is found, the vineyard streches over 26 hectares and 3 terroirs.

Grown in a traditional way with passion in sustainable cultivation, South-South East facing , our ancestral parcels benefit from an exceptional climatic situation.

In the heart of the Côte des Bar in the extreme south of Champagne, under the protection of Notre Dame des Vignes, our parcels in hillsides enjoy a remarkable sunshine, our soil made of clay and limestone reflects generously heat and the light that our Chardonnays and Pinot Noir needs.

Behind each vintage hides the combined talent of a whole family and team who seek together the quality and balance of a Champagne wine "Haute Couture".


Our Champagnes

It is in a contrast of “artisanal creator” and ultra modern production equipment that is allowed a mastery of the vinification of high quality. Spearhead of our range, passion and careful work is found in this wine. Rewarded many times and appreciated by many, a consistency over time is essential.
During a long wait, pinot noir and chardonnay are vinified separately and wait quietly during their fermentation in thermoregulated vats (capacity 2800HL) or oak barrels. The blending takes a large part, it is by subtly marrying the grapes of the harvest that are determined which wines of reserves will come to tint with their aromatic notes the cuvée and to obtain the regularity so much expected. Union of wine of harvest and wine of reserve (not for millesimes), the bottles wait finally 3 to 5 years in cellar « sur lattes » (lying) to reach their maturity.


Champagne Prié
108, Grande Rue
10250 Neuville S/Seine
Mrs. Prié Fabienne
Tél. +33 (0)3 25 38 21 51

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