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Champagne Castelnau is a boutique brand specializing in long aging on the lees. Thanks to a very strict selection of grapes from 150 different 'crus', a high proportion of Chardonnay, the use of the 'cuvée' (first pressing) only, and a lot of reserve wines, we're able to craft wines that are able to age longer: 6 years on our Brut NV, 12 years the Vintages wines.
Champagne Castelnau elaborates intense and complex, toasty, creamy, yet fresh and elegant wines, for the HoReCa and traditional distribution. They are accessible enough for the regular consumer, and interesting enough to address the connoisseur looking for something different from the world of champagne brands.


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Champagne Castelnau
5, rue Gosset
51724 Reims Cedex
Mrs. Schubert Eva
Export Manager
Tél. +33 (0)3 26 77 89 00

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