Champagne Delphine Revillon

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Our Champagne House

"""La Maison REVILLON was founded by Delphine REVILLON and Nicolas LOONIS, both of whom are great lovers of Champagne and in life. Richard DAILLY, Our Cellar Chef and Associate is a goldsmith of the method and the genius of Champagne since 1984. He Directs the development of the cuvées.Located on AY, next to Epernay on the hills inscribed on Unesco heritage, we have a modern vision of Champagne, both in the signature of each of our cuvées and in the approach by our Universe represented by our 3 values : Elegance, Refinement and Character. For each of our cuvées, we try to bring to life a taste experience thanks to assemblages rare, astonishing, identity, innovative. Our universe is pleasure, dream and luxury. The family REVILLON holds its history with its International Luxury Fur House worn by Sophia Loren for muse. The codes of the REVILLON brand were first built in the world of fur and then perfumes with the values ​​of elegance, character and refinement. It is these codes that we decided to decline in the universe of Champagne. We have thus defined the style of a Champagne feminine, accessible to see universal, with a delicate maturity: a Champagne pleasure. A universe celebrating the french Art of Living,With our first short film entitled “Le Secret” we wanted to introduce you to the universe of the Delphine REVILLON brand, a heady blend of elegance, character and refinement. To meet this challenge "" Haute Couture"", we were lucky enough to receive the spontaneous assistance of Jean Bracq’s “Dentelles de Caudry” and their designer Sylvie Facon, who also wished to appear on the screen through their designs, which they generously placed at our disposal during filming. We leave it up to the viewers to judge, but we’re delighted to be able to share this film with Champagne lovers everywhere, which presents not only a vintage but also bears witness to the incomparable French Art of Living. To celebrate our collaboration, we have created a lace collection of our Champagne. """


Our Champagnes

"Our cuvées are the result of the signature of the House: Elegance, Refinement and Carcatère. Each of our cuvées is very qualitative characterized by the finesse of its bubbles, its roundness, its balance, its structure, its gourmet aromas. Atypical and interesting positioning of our Champagnes thanks to the choice of style of our cuvées: O Our Brut Secret thanks to the predominance of the Meunier (rare), its 42 crus, from 97% 1 st presses, a mastered dosage. Vintage 2012 for 65% and 35% reserve wines. Yellow fruits are in the spotlight (peach, apricot) with honeyed and creamy notes O Our Rosé by its extra Brut and the expression of the red fruits by the blackcurrant and the raspberry. 77% Chardonnay, vintage 2013. Refinement guaranteed. O Our Millésime 2008, 100% Chardonnay prestigious cuvée. We are on a Monocru (Vertus), Monocépage (chardonnay) and Mono year (2008) in 1 st vintage. It is characterized by an intense freshness, gourmand, exceptional brioche The data sheets are attached • Different market approach where the taste experience is at the center of our approach: quality and the universe are really valued We want to make champagne a moment of sharing, conviviality, luxury ... dixit our little short film on our site"


Champagne Delphine Revillon
1 rue Henri Vincent
51160 AY
Mrs. Revillon Delphine
Présidente et Directrice Commerciale
Tél. +33 (0)3 20 39 29 25

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