Champagne Delavenne Père et Fils

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Our Champagne House

Independent Champagne Grower and Producer since 1920 in Bouzy Grand Cru, Montagne de Reims. Champagne Delavenne Père & Fils is above all, a loving family. 4th generation vigneron Jean-Christophe Delavenne grew up working alongside his father and grand-father. A skilled, independent champagne producer who has a passion for his work, he is devoted to his roots and dedicated to quality. Actively aware of the legacy that he will leave to his children, he has the utmost respect for Nature, commitment to his community and the ambition to build his family's brand.
In the vineyard Jean-Christophe works homeopathically - No pesticides or herbicides. Growth between the vines is encouraged, allowing Nature to do her work, bringing a healthy sybiosis between plant life. With soil work he gently guides this growth in the Spring, bringing the rich mineral salts down to the vine roots.
Jean-Christophe Delavenne is also an active member of his community. As President of an Order of Champagne Producers from Bouzy he works to promote the beauty of Bouzy wines. Member of the Bouzy village Council, he was recently elected to an influential position at the SGV Champagne (Syndicat Générale des Vignerons de Champagne)
Champagne Delavenne's elegant cuvées are served at many Michelin Starred restaurants in Europe.


Our Champagnes

Champagne Delavenne : Recoltant-Manipulant in Bouzy. 100% Grand Cru Champagnes and Bouzy Rouge.
Jean-Christophe Delavenne, 4th generation independent winegrower and winemaker, creates his champagne specifically to preserve the purity of the aromas and flavors of the Terroir. At Champagne Delavenne our wine-making starts in Stainless Steel and ceramic tanks, using only indigenous yeasts, so that the purity of our rich Grand Cru Bouzy terroir shines through, unaltered. Because we want our champagnes to express themselves fully, with intensity and length on the palate, we do not employ malo-lactic fermentation, nor fining, nor cold flash pasteurization. Late disgorgement, done only 4 to 6 months before the champagnes are available on the market, completes this set of meticulous techniques, all requiring Jean-Christophe's exceptional savoir-faire.
All natural, vegan and vegetarian friendly.


Champagne Delavenne Père et Fils
6 rue de Tours sur Marne
51150 Bouzy
Mrs. Adda Susan
Export and communication manager

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